French vs. Modern Patio Doors: Which Is Right for Your Home?

French vs. Modern Patio Doors: Which IsInterior view of home with marble flooring and French hinged patio doors. Right for Your Home?

When chosen correctly, patio doors can serve as the perfect gateway between the indoor and outdoor living spaces of a home. If you’ve been exploring your options for patio door replacements, you’ve likely come across French patio doors and modern patio doors as viable candidates. And although it may seem as if you can’t go wrong in choosing either, one style may be a better fit for your home over the other. Some questions to consider asking yourself during the decision-making process include:

How Much Space Is Available for the Door Operation?

The amount of space immediately surrounding the opening between your indoor and outdoor living areas is likely to play a role in determining if French or modern patio doors will work best for your home. Featuring two hinged doors that meet in the middle and open outward, traditional French patio doors are ideal where the transition between the indoors and outdoors is spacious and allows for a full swinging motion without a hindrance. Modern patio doors, on the other hand, operate by sliding from side to side, which can be valuable if you’re looking to install patio doors in a part of your home where foot traffic is highest or space is at a minimum.

What Are My Aesthetic Goals?

Your new patio doors are sure to be a topic of conversation when you host guests in your outdoor living area. Choosing the patio doors that best complement your existing home aesthetic can truly leave a lasting impression on your company. Does your backyard provide a breathtaking view of the ever-changing Wisconsin landscape? Modern patio doors may be the right choice as they offer expansive views of the outdoors thanks to their maximum glass space and grille-less panes.

Conversely, if you’d rather your patio doors be the center of attention, French-style doors will surely serve that role. Thanks to their elaborate grille patterns and elegant woodgrain finishes, French patio doors can make the perfect showpiece in an outdoor living area that otherwise lacks flair.

Which Patio Doors Deliver Superior Energy Efficiency?

Finding patio doors that contribute to the overall thermal performance of your home is a concern that is likely to rank high on your list of priorities. Although various patio doors on the market will offer different degrees of energy efficiency, French and modern patio doors from Renewal by Andersen boast impressive insulative properties—such as low-E glass coatings—that will surely reduce heat transfer into and out of your home.

Partner With the Local Patio Door Authority

At the end of the day, your decision to select either French or modern patio doors for your home comes down to personal preference. What’s equally as important as the products themselves is partnering with a patio door company that can perform a flawless installation and provide professional service along the way. In Green Bay and the surrounding areas, RBA of Greater Wisconsin has been—and continues to be—the patio door experts local homeowners turn to. For a complimentary in-home consultation where we can discuss the French and modern patio doors we install, contact us today.

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