How the Seasons Affect Patio Doors

How Can the Seasons Affect Your PatioExterior view of patio with French patio doors Doors?

Each season brings with it an aesthetic that is breathtaking in its own right. Along with these postcard-worthy views, however, also come extreme temperature fluctuations, torrential rain, and snow storms, all of which can have detrimental effects on your home. Take your patio doors, for example. It may be time to call your local trust patio door replacement company if the changing seasons have caused your existing patio doors to:


Cracking is particularly common in patio doors made from real wood, especially in extreme temperature variations. To counteract these cracks, wood patio doors must be sealed and stained, virtually after every change in season—a level of maintenance that tends to steer homeowners toward other patio door options when looking for replacements.


Many patio doors, such as those of the fiberglass variety, have a protective coating that needs maintaining throughout the year, namely when the summer and winter months arrive. For instance, if you are like many homeowners who live in a winter wonderland from November through to March, you may use rock salt to melt the snow around your doors. And if your patio doors are not cleaned each time after rock salt has been used, it can cause that protective layer to erode and damage your doors’ frames and hinges.


If the glass panes on your patio doors have built up fog that cannot be wiped away, this is an indication that condensation is trapped between the panes. This happens when the seal between your patio doors’ frames and glass panes has been compromised, creating an entry point for moisture.


The summer and winter months can bring boiling and frigid temperatures, respectively. Many patio door materials, such as vinyl, respond poorly to these changes, causing them to warp over time. Warping often leads to a compromised structural integrity in patio doors, which can bring a slew of issues with energy efficiency.

Traditional wood patio doors are also susceptible to warping. Wood is an inherently porous material. And when the seal on wood patio doors begins to weaken, it can cause them to absorb moisture in those humid summer months.

Patio Doors You Can Count On no Matter the Season

Take a look at your existing patio doors. Are they showing any signs of deterioration? Even if they’re showing the slightest indications of wear, you won’t want to delay finding a reputable company in your area that can replace them with more durable options. For homeowners living in Green Bay and the surrounding areas, RBA of Greater Wisconsin is that trusted name.

We are the exclusive local provider of Renewal by Andersen® products, so you can rest assured any of our patio doors will make for an excellent addition to your home. Andersen patio doors are built to withstand virtually anything the seasons have in store, thanks to frames made from a proprietary composite material called Fibrex®. Fibrex® is twice as strong as vinyl and does not warp, rot, crack, or corrode, making our patio doors the wisest of options available to Green Bay homeowners.

If you’d like to learn more about beautiful, long-lasting Andersen patio doors, reach out to RBA of Greater Wisconsin today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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