What is the Most Energy-Efficient Window Frame?

What is the Most Energy-Efficientphoto of bay windows Window Frame?

When searching for replacement windows, many homeowners place energy efficiency atop their list of priorities. And although virtually all house windows are advertised as being energy efficient, not all deliver the same level of thermal performance. In fact, there are myriad replacement window options available on today’s market, each with varying window frame materials, and each offering different levels of energy efficiency. If you are looking to potentially lower your monthly energy bills with new house windows, continue reading below as we break down the energy efficiency of the most popular window frames.

Aluminum Window Frames

Some years ago, aluminum windows were a popular choice among homeowners. However, in terms of energy efficiency, house windows with aluminum frames are some of the lowest performing. Aluminum is a poor insulator, which means aluminum frame windows do little to stop the transfer of heat into and out of a home.

Wood Window Frames

By its very nature, real wood is a highly insulative material. Because of this, wood window frames are generally effective at preventing heat from traveling out of the home during winter and into the home during summer. However, wood is also very porous. This means it has a greater tendency for absorbing water than other window frame materials, which often leads to warping and rotting. When this happens, the once-weathertight seals that once existed develop gaps, leading to heat loss.

Vinyl Window Frames

Vinyl window frames are widely considered to be energy efficient. However, vinyl windows can lose their structural integrity as time passes, causing them to sag and their seals to fail.

Fibrex® Composite Window Frames

That leaves composite window frames. Composite is one of the best window frame materials around. However, not all composite windows are created equal. The most energy-efficient window frames are made from Fibrex®, an exclusive composite material crafted by leading manufacturer Renewal by Andersen®. Fibrex® window frames block heat transfer 700 times better than aluminum window frames, which can lead to decreased heating and cooling costs. What’s more, Fibrex® is twice as strong as vinyl, which means weathertight seals remain weathertight over the years. With the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees, Fibrex windows won’t warp under the most intense heat and are impervious to rotting, decay, and fungal growth.

Your Source for Energy-Efficient Fibrex® Windows

Now that it’s been concluded that the most energy-efficient window frames are Andersen’s Fibrex® frames, the next step is finding a window company near you that carries these exceptional replacement windows. Homeowners living in the Green Bay area can turn to RBA of Greater Wisconsin for a wide selection of Fibrex® windows. We carry all of the popular window styles—including double-hung, casement, bay, bow, sliding, picture, and awning—and we even offer specialty windows for those truly uniquely designed homes.

Our collection of best-in-class windows is just one reason why area homeowners trust us with their window replacement needs—we are also known for our highly skilled installation service. Our Certified Master Craftsmen are thoroughly trained in the installation practices of Renewal by Andersen and take great care in protecting each customer’s home during the replacement process.

Contact RBA Greater Wisconsin today to get started with a free consultation.

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