When to Replace Your Patio Doors

When to Replace Your Patio DoorsIf you have a deck, patio, or other outdoor living area directly outside of your home, you most likely have a set of patio doors leading to this space. Whether it’s a set of sliding or hinged patio doors, this entryway probably sees a lot of use, especially in the warmer months of the year. Just like any other component of your home, your patio doors may need to eventually be replaced, especially if it’s been quite some time since they were installed. Have you noticed some red flags with your doors that indicate they need to be upgraded? Here are some of the tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your patio doors:

It’s a Struggle to Open or Close Them

In a perfect world, sliding patio doors glide effortlessly and hinged patio doors swing in one fluid motion. This may have been the case for years, but now you’re starting to fight your doors just to get them to open or close. If you’ve tried cleaning and lubricating them and still run into issues, this might mean that the frame has warped or smaller components are damaged. In this case, you’ll want to start searching for a replacement.

Drafts & High Energy Bills

The two of these go hand-in-hand. Patio doors that have thin glass panes, broken seals, or were poorly installed in the first place can cause heat to escape your home in the winter and infiltrate it in the summer. This can often be felt in the form of drafts, making it hard to be comfortable in your own house. Plus, your HVAC system will struggle and constantly run to maintain the temperature you set on your thermostat, which may lead to unusually high energy bills. If you notice either of these things, you may want to consider an upgraded set of doors.

Outdated Aesthetics

Owning a home means decorating it how you want and making it your dream space. Maybe 10 years ago that meant having a classic set of French doors leading to your outdoor living area, but now your tastes have changed and you’d rather see a modern set of sliding doors occupy that entryway. As your style preferences and trends change, you are certainly allowed to update your patio doors accordingly. Additionally, if you’re thinking of selling your house, you may consider replacing your patio doors to make sure they’re more visually appealing to the average home buyer.

RBA of Greater Wisconsin Has Your Ideal Upgrade

Once you do decide that it’s time to replace your patio doors, you can partner with RBA of Greater Wisconsin for the project. As a leading window and door company serving Wisconsin homeowners, we offer a stunning selection of patio doors and can professionally install any of them. All of our exterior patio doors are equipped with features such as specially engineered lumber frames, high-performance Low-E glass, and all-around weatherstripping. This way, you can feel confident that they will provide you with years of reliable use and energy efficiency. Plus, our unique collection of styles will allow you to find the perfect substitute for your old doors and suit your current preferences.

RBA of Greater Wisconsin would be happy to help you determine if it’s time for new patio doors at your home, and help you pick the right upgrade. Contact us today to get started.

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We love our new windows! It’s beautiful, just what we wanted! No more leaky windows and matches my other windows perfectly!

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RBA did an excellent job and fast! 5 windows in 3 hours from the time they arrived, did the work & cleaned up. It was as if they had never been there, other than having these excellent replacement windows in place!

Green Bay, WI

Absolutely great experience. The installation team was very professional. We have also decided to replace two more windows next spring!

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