Best Types of Windows for Amazing Views

Best Types of Windows for ShowcasingElegant home interior with rug, love seat, and small coffee table. Large double-hung window overlooking scenic landscape. Amazing Views

There were probably a multitude of factors that played a role in your decision to purchase your home. Perhaps you fell in love with its layout or, maybe it was the cute dining nook that caught your eye. Although features like these may have made your decision to choose your home a little easier, there’s one aspect that likely carried more weight than others: the landscape surrounding your home. After all, who doesn’t like to stop and admire the vista outside their home on occasion? But, did you know not all window styles are ideal for taking in the outdoor scenery from inside you home? Let’s take a look at which types of windows do the best job at framing the landscape outside your home.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, feature two side-by-side sashes that open and close in a lateral direction. Larger sliding windows can have three or even four sashes, and because these windows are usually wider than they are tall, they make for great additions to rooms with low ceilings or limited wall space. But what makes gliding windows ideal for capturing the beautiful outdoors are their expansive glass panes that don’t feature any grilles that would otherwise impede your view. And because sliding windows open and close horizontally, there are no sash rails that run through the middle.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are single-sash windows that open and close using a crank mechanism. Because casement windows open outward—sometimes as wide as 90 degrees—they can function without any sash rails or grilles, making them a wonderful option for homeowners looking to welcome the outdoors into the home. Best of all, casement windows can be installed side-by-side for even wider spanning outdoor views.

Double-Hung Windows

If you are a traditionalist and prefer classic windows over more modern styles, consider double-hung windows for your project. Double-hung windows are often what homeowners think of when asked to paint a mental picture of the quintessential window. And although some double-hung windows on the market may not be best suited for enjoying the landscape outside your home, those made by industry-leader Renewal by Andersen® certainly are! That’s because Andersen’s innovative double-hung windows feature frames made from Fibrex®. This durable material allows for slimmer lines and greater visibility of the outdoors.

Picture Windows

When it comes to showcasing amazing views of your yard, the picture window is unrivaled. With a sleek frame and large glass panes, picture windows seemingly act as a piece of wall art that changes with the seasons. For this reason, these windows serve as great centerpieces for living rooms and master bedrooms. And because picture windows don’t have any seams or moving parts, they tend to have the most to offer in terms of energy efficiency.

Breathtaking Views Through Equally Breathtaking Windows

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