Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?

Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?

Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?Sometimes, it’s obvious when a window needs replacing. Maybe the kid next door accidentally hit a stray baseball, breaking the glass in one of your windows. Or perhaps just one of your home windows is nearly impossible to open while the others operate just fine. These sorts of situations pretty clearly warrant a home window replacement—but did you know that there are more subtle signs that your windows might need replacing? Knowing these signs can help you decide whether it’s a good idea to replace all your windows at once or just the one that’s broken.

Signs You Need New Windows

Besides obvious reasons like broken glass, there are a number of other things to look out for that could mean its time for new windows all around. Condensation between glass panes, unwanted noise from the outdoors, or drafts near your windows are all symptoms of windows that have lost their gas fills. Gas fills are important for maintaining energy efficiency at your home—and without energy-efficient windows, your monthly energy bills could climb to new, unwanted heights.

Why Are You Replacing Your Windows?

Now that you know the more subtle signs of window damage, ask yourself: Why are you replacing your windows? If you’re just replacing one because the glass broke and the rest of your windows show no signs of damage, then it makes sense to simply replace one—just be sure to source your new window from the same place as the others so they’ll all match. If you’re replacing a window because it’s begun to malfunction, keep in mind that the others might not be far behind, especially if they’re more than 20 years old. When replacing older windows, it usually makes sense to replace them all at once, if possible—and here’s why.

The Pros of Replacing All Older Windows at Once

Older windows that lose their efficacy one by one over time might seem like they could be replaced as one-off projects, but here’s why you should consider replacing them all at once. First of all, if you replace windows one or two at a time over a longer time period, you’re going to spend years in a home with mismatched windows. This isn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing for you, and it could detract from your home’s curb appeal as well. All-new windows, on the other hand, can make your home the star of the block.

Secondly, if you’re like most homeowners, you don’t relish the idea of having contractors over at your home performing work—let alone all the time! And if you choose to replace your windows one by one, you’ll have to deal with a number of separate projects instead of knocking it out in one fell swoop.

Finally, although many homeowners are deterred from a total window replacement project due to cost, keep in mind that most window companies offer financing that you can take advantage of—and all new windows can greatly enhance the value of your home.

Rely on RBA of Greater Wisconsin

If you’re seeing signs of damage on your windows—obvious or subtle—turn to RBA of Greater Wisconsin for an expertly performed home window replacement project. Our highly skilled installers can take care of your project with aplomb, whether you need to replace just one window or all of them at once. Contact us today to learn more!

Hear From Our Customers

RBA did an excellent job and fast! 5 windows in 3 hours from the time they arrived, did the work & cleaned up. It was as if they had never been there, other than having these excellent replacement windows in place!

Green Bay, WI

Absolutely great experience. The installation team was very professional. We have also decided to replace two more windows next spring!

Appleton, WI

We love our new windows! It’s beautiful, just what we wanted! No more leaky windows and matches my other windows perfectly!

Oshkosh, WI
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