How the Seasons Can Affect Your Windows

How Your Home’s Windows Can BeClose-up view of window with moisture building between panes. Affected by the Changing Seasons

The clothes we wear, the color of the foliage on the trees, and the songs we sing all tend to change depending on the time of year. Something that we generally don’t lend as much consideration to when the seasons change is our home’s windows. In many parts of the country, every few page turns of the calendar mean fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and precipitation, all of which can have an impact on your house windows.

Here is how your windows can be affected by the changing seasons:

Expansion & Contraction

Depending on the material they’re made from, your windows can be directly impacted by the outdoor temperature. During the cooler, drier winter months, the frames on your windows are likely to contract. This can compromise the seal between your windows and their openings, which can restrict your windows’ ability to prevent heat transfer. Another component of your windows that can be affected when winter rolls around is its hardware. In colder weather, latches and cranks used to open and close your windows may become difficult to operate. In fact, in areas of the country that experience frigid temperatures, such as Wisconsin, it’s not uncommon for a layer of ice to develop on the hardware!

Hotter temperatures brought on by the summer months can be equally as unforgiving to your house windows. In warmer weather, window frames—particularly those made of vinyl—can begin to warp. Not only will bowing frames put pressure on your windows’ glass panes and eventually lead to a compromised seal, they’ll also make your windows more difficult to open and close.


Condensation is a natural occurrence. And if the moisture on your windows can be easily wiped clean, there is very little cause for concern. However, if you notice moisture is beginning to creep between the panes of glass that form your window, it may be a sign that larger issues are afoot. Condensate typically finds its way between window panes through a gap, which forms when the seal around the window has deteriorated. If left unaddressed, moisture that is trapped in your window can quickly become a breeding ground for mold, putting the health of those in your household at risk.


As the seasons change, so do the elements your home’s windows are exposed to. As winter turns to spring, your windows can experience thermal shock. During this temperature change, the icicles that once formed over your windows begin to melt and turn to water, which can then find its way into the smallest of cracks in your window and break down its weatherstripping. A window with deteriorating weatherstripping will allow moisture to sneak past and damage your home’s interior.

Andersen® Replacement Windows Stand Firm Against Mother Nature

Take a look at your existing house windows. Do they exhibit any of the signs discussed above? If so, you won’t want to wait long before investing in replacements. No replacement windows are better equipped to protect against the changing seasons than those crafted by Renewal by Andersen. That’s largely because Andersen windows are crafted with a proprietary composite material called Fibrex® that is twice as strong as vinyl and retains its structural integrity even in extreme temperature fluctuations.

If you are living in Green Bay or the surrounding area, RBA of Greater Wisconsin is your source for these exceptional windows. As the area’s exclusive provider of Andersen products, we’ll be happy to help you select replacement windows that are best suited for your home and provide flawless installation service. Contact us today to get started.

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